Endcap                                                                Endcap + 4 Upper Shelves

Typically set up at the end of a Gondola run, Endcaps are designed to call attention to specialty and/or "on sale" items in such a way that they really "pop out". As with all other types of MadixTM store shelving, endcaps can either be fitted with Upper Shelves* or with any number of product display Accessories

Endcaps come with Base Shelf, pegboard, 2 endposts, feet, kickplates and all required hardware.

                            Endcaps are 36" or 48" LONG and 48", 54", 60", 72" or 84" HIGH.

                            Available 4-Foot Base Shelf Depths: 12", 16", 18", 20"                                   
                            Available 3-Foot Base Shelf Depths: 
12", 16", 18"

                            Available 4-Foot Upper Shelf Depths*: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"
                            Available 3-Foot Upper Shelf Depths*: 12", 14”, 16"

                             In-Stock Color: "Sahara" (Beige) 

                            *Upper Selves sold separately. Refer to the charts below to price out your Endcap Unit.

For more info or to discuss your project, email us at info@bsiri.com or call us directly at: 401-861-0662 / 800-422-1702


Upper Shelves are designed for maximum merchandise visibility and feature lock tabs that allow for quick installation and precision alignment. A double row of 1/4" perforations on the front and rear edge makes any form of binning possible. A 1 1/4" tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge of the shelf. Upper shelves offer the versatility of 2 positions: flat or 15 degree downslope. Load capacity for all in-stock shelves is 500 pounds in the flat position, and 250 pounds in the 15 degree downslope position. 




To price out your Endcap Unit, refer to the charts below. For info on volume discount pricing, contact BSI Store Fixtures directly at info@bsiri.com or 401-861-0662 / 800-422-1702.






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